Consultation & Installation Services


If you're looking for new electronic equipment or a technical device, but you don't know an HDMI from a BMW, we can help.  We speak fluent Tech-ese and can translate the indecipherable into terms you can understand.  With our expert Consultation Services, we can guide you to the equipment that meets your needs.


If you've recently purchased a new electronic device and are now thinking the instructions might make more sense if you read them backwards, we can help you get it Installed!  We offer a wide variety of Installation Services that will get your new purchase up and working! ---> more


Home Networking Services



Are you having trouble with your internet connection or wireless network? Would you like your computers to be more sociable and share their information? Would you like to set your own television viewing schedule by streaming commercial free HD quality programs and movies? If so,click here for our Networking services. ---> more

Internet Streaming Installation Services

Cut the Cable!  Dump the Dish!  Want to improve your television entertainment and see substantial monthly savings at the same time?  (Average cable user can save $80 per month.)  Streaming services will allow you to choose from thousands of commercial free television programs and movies at a fraction of the cost. Technology Solved can help you take advantage of these exciting services.  ---> more

Notebook \ Desktop PC Upgrade & Repair Services



Is your computer sending you nasty messages? Are you getting strange virus warnings that won't go away?  Has your once lightning fast computer become slower than the speed of smell?  Is your printer more moody than a teenager? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, we can help!  For more details on our Upgrade & Repair services, click here ---> more

Custom Built Desktop PCs



Are you a Gamer or Power User? Need help building your PC?  A custom built computer has many advantages over an OEM computer (Original Equipment Manufacturer--translation:  Pre-fab.)  A custom built computer is easier to repair and upgrade, so you can keep up with advancing technology and keep your computer longer.  Check out our Custom PCs!  Click here --->  more





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Expand Your Living Room Entertainment! Upgrade Your PC and Save $$$$


Enhance Your Living Room TV Viewing Experience!

Internet HD Video Streaming IS the Wave of the Future!


The latest technology in wireless networking has allowed for HD quality streaming video from your High Speed Internet connection to your TV. Add internet video streaming to your existing choices or declare your independence and save money while you're at it!  With internet video streaming, you can Cut the Cable or Dump the Dish!  Choose the programs you want to watch, when you want to watch them!   more


Save $$$ ! Upgrade your PC!  

Have you been thinking of buying a new Notebook or Desktop PC? Your current PC may be upgradeable, giving it new life, saving you money!  more



PCs Need Maintenance!  Virus and Malware Attacks Are Rampant!

PCs require periodic maintenance to assure good performance. If you've noticed a slow down in your system's response time or you're receiving strange error messages, this can be a sign that it's time for your PC to receive a little TLC.

It's imperative your computer's virus protection is as up-to-date as possible in order to protect it from potentially catastrophic invasions. Let us help you keep your PC healthy and happy!  more


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